The Product

A short list of the advantages and benefits we offer you to secure your environment with our solution.

Next Generation Features

General list of features of our next generation web applicaiton firewall.


Our subscription plans fits perfectly for small, medium and large enterprises.
10% discount is applied when paying a full year in advance..



per month
  • One website
  • 8/5 support
  • 1 hour for service



per month
  • Three website
  • 24/7 support
  • 3 hours for service



per month
  • Unlimited websites
  • 24/7 support
  • 3 hours for service
  • Cluster for HA

About DigitalShark

DigitalShark Solutions Inc. is a US-based startup company which develops products and services in a cybersecurity field. Company makes innovative solutions and improved alternatives of the existed products with innovative features. DigitalShark’s mission is to help companies strengthen their security and protect their clients from ever-growing cyber threats. Founders of the company have a broad experience in information security acquired in both local and global organizations.

In a Digital Era, millions of organizations rely on Information Technology to do their business and operate their services. Those who do business online rely on heavy usage of Web Applications and Websites: (e-commerce, social networks, online banking, e-government, etc). Those web applications face growing threats which evolve globally.

Products developed by the company protect web applications and information systems from abovementioned cyber-threats. Using these products security and protection of the business-critical information systems are ensured, reducing financial and reputational damage.

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